Roofing and Insurance

Your roof is damaged. You aren’t worried at all because you know that you have the insurance. After all, you have spent a great deal of your money for the insurance so you may think that you get it all covered. So you are thinking about having your roof repaired but you are completely shocked to find out that the repair isn’t covered and you will be spending a lot of money for the work. Bummer, huh?

Some of the Exclusions

You need to understand that insurance companies would include the details as careful as possible and they may include exclusions too. You need to check your coverage, is the roof covered by your insurance? In under what circumstances will your claim be considered valid and legit? In most cases, homeowners don’t really understand their insurance coverage. When should you file a claim for the damage and the repair? What terms and conditions applied to your situation? Be sure to really understand these things if you don’t want your claim to be denied.

 The Most Common Situations

Be advised that home insurance DOES cover the roof repair but only when you understand the situation. Let’s say that there is windstorm in your area and it blows the shingles of the roof, you can get it replaced and the overall cost will be covered. Natural disasters or unavoidable events are generally covered but the insurance company doesn’t want to cover any roof damages from improper maintenance. In the event that the insurance company is investigating the case and they find out that the damages can actually be avoided if you properly care for it, they will likely deny your claim.

Keep in mind that some of the companies don’t want to cover a certain roofing material. Don’t forget to always read the terms and condition section because they will usually write the types of materials they cover – and they will write the excluded material.